April 30, 2007

Welcome to the YAD blog

Welcome to the Your Art Director or YAD blog. I will be bringing you items of interest to me, Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing and other things, that I hope will help you in your business pursuits.

Here is a little bit about me and what I do, and the way I think about it.

What is your brand?
A company’s image, designed to create the desired response from their customers.

What is an Art Director?
The brand guide for your company, working to keep the visual voice of your company consistent.

So what is Your Art Director?
Your Art Director is 22 years of experience.
Your Art Director is graphic design, web design, marketing, public relations, photography, illustration designed together to work for your company.
Your Art Director is what your company needs to create the desired response from your customers.

Thanks for looking in, and I hope you’ll check back. You can also sign up for the YAD newsletter.

Thanks again,
Kenton Smith
Your Art Director

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Abel said...

Great job Kenton. Looking forward to reading more.