June 12, 2007

Google is giving away opprotunities

Google has a knack for giving away opportunities to make money on the internet. There are many possibilities to set up websites to do things automatically, provide information and just plain have fun on the web.

I have recently been involved in two such projects. One is a site that gathers all the information about Industrial supercomputing into one concise site so you don't have to, if your into industrial supercompters Industrial Supercomputing Forum is a great site for you. The other is a really fun idea that gives information about restaurants anywhere in the US. The site is called The Big Fork and it lets you look up restaurants in your area, or an area you will be traveling to. You can look by cuisine, zip code, name, ranking, what ever you want. I think the really cool thing is you can see what people think about the place, or tell people what you think about your favorite restaurant.

Now both of these sites are trying to make money with their respective ideas, but the cool thing is Google made the technology to do it available for free. Got an idea? Let me know, I have people that I work with that can make it a reality.

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The Camping Machine by The Family Man said...

Dude, your work is awesome. If I had a project I would hire you in a heartbeat.