July 31, 2007

One Line Marketing Wisdom

As a person that needs to keep up on marketing trends I read a lot of things, books, blogs and articles. Some of them are good, others not so good, but sometimes I run across things that make me think.

I ran across a blog called A New Marketing, by Matt J McDonald. He challenged marketers to come up with one concise sentence about what marketing is to them, One Line Marketing Wisdom.

Here is an excerpt:
It’s amazing how much insight and information can be packed into one line. So I emailed the bloggers I read, and asked them to submit one line about marketing.
Matt J McDonald of A New Marketing
“Forget everything else—marketing is about making a connection.”

It is interesting to see what marketers think about marketing. They're generally a pretty clever bunch. You might want to read it.

Because I am a graphic designer and art director my thoughts center more around branding. Also I have always felt humans are emotional first and intellectual second, so all things marketing, and branding need to appeal to people's emotions first.

So what is my one line about branding and marketing?

Your brand is your company’s image, designed to create the desired emotional response from your customers, marketing is how you deliver that message.

So think about it, what is your one line? If you think hard, you just might come up with something exciting that you can use to market your business.


The Camping Machine by The Family Man said...

As always, your brilliance and eloquence is only surpassed by your amazing design and art direction.

steph said...

Hm. My business is... design? Anyway, I had to brand myself last Spring for a portfolio review and a grade in my seminar class. I came up with "design today for a better tomorrow" and thought I was pretty clever. We shall see though.

Anonymous said...

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