May 05, 2009

Social Networking

Social Networking is all the rage. I have succumb to it myself. But why should you do it? Keep in contact with business associates, stay in front of clients and meet new ones, keep up with friends, meet new people, learn about new trends, for fun?


Social Networking is not going solve all your marketing issues, fix communication with clients, and make your world a better happier place, 

Where should you start?
I have some I like, but you need to think about a couple things. What are your customers, associates and friends doing? Ask them, then take a look at these links and see how many people are using social networking sites.

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Posted on March 31, 2008 by Steve Dale in Social Media, Software

What should you do?

So can you measure your results? See what Brian Ellefritz says in, Is Social Media Held to a Higher Standard?

Time spent per month 32 hours average.

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